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We think you have a wealth of attitudes and aptitudes that fit perfectly with the requirements of Employers looking to fill their skills gap. With over 125,000 cadets in the UK, you are at the top of the list of talent that could help you into the career you want.

Feel free to inform your parents about our company and let's work together to get you the future you deserve.

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We believe that spouses have developed certain qualities throughout their service lives such as flexibility, creative thinking and resilience that are highly regarded by employers. We also know that some recent studies have shown that you are often wedged into low paid employment and would like the opportunity to develop a career of your own in parallel with your partner.

Register with us, with no commitment and let us help you.

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You might think you left 'Apprenticeship's' behind when you joined the Services and that this opportunity is not for you. Let us explain why you should think again.

Apprenticeships range from entry level up to Master Degree level which are very often well paid and high end jobs. There are Degree level Apprenticeships that include everything from Cyber Security Experts to Lawyers or Aerospace Engineers. There really is something here for you - register with no commitment and let us help you.


We will help you find the career you want

Once you have registered with us we will send you a short questionnaire to find out your aspirations and areas of interest. It takes two minutes to complete and helps us match your career ambitions with apprenticeship vacancies.

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Email us at or call Peter direct on 07946 522629.

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You have nothing to lose

Addressing a chronic skills shortage

We are extremely excited by the potential of this relationship and look forward to working with the Cadet Apprenticeships team to develop and grow ongoing opportunities for us both.

Believe in the Cadet Apprenticeships Company

Peter helped my daughter through the whole process and she landed the job within hours of the interview. She is now on course to do a Degree Apprenticeship working out of Bletchley Park. Brilliant company.

Turning aspirations into reality

Sea Cadets aims to give young people the best possible head start in life–access to apprenticeships through this programme helps turn the aspiration into reality.